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◆ M Ceramic

M-Ceramic are filter media used for demanganization or deferrization/demanganization. The source of these filter media are burned and crushed hard clays, and the surface of the filter media has a porous structure with a very large surface area. The surface of the clay is coated with a layer that strongly activates contact oxidation (MnO2 H2O) by special processing. Due to the large surface area, a large amount of manganese is attached, so there is a higher demanganization capacity than manganese sand. M-Ceramic vary slightly in their physical and chemical characteristics, and are used appropriately according to the quality of raw water, treatment goal and other conditions.
■ Characteristic
M-Ceramic has a slightly heavier specific gravity than combinationwith anthracite. In cases where iron and manganese coexist in raw water for well water treatment, water can be treated using one tank in which iron is removed in the anthracite layer while manganese is removed by M-Ceramic.
The size of M-Ceramic particles is smaller than that of filter media in general, so a high backwash expansion rate can be achieved with a small amount of water supply. Therefore, the amount of backwash water can be reduced.
If a slight amount of humin is contained in the raw water, it can be removed by packing three layers of filter media (anthracite, M-Ceramic, and Color Cutter G) into our filtration system called Hyper Tank.
There are many cases where the addition of coagulant is not necessary, depending on the quality of raw water and the usage of treated water. The amount of coagulant added can be restricted to a minimum.
The reaction rate of M-Ceramic is higher than that of manganese sand, so M-Ceramic realizes high-speed filtration if it is combined with Hyper Tank.

■ Property
 True density  Bulk density  Porosity  Wearing ratio
 2.60-2.75g/cm3  0.95-1.05g/cm3  60-75%  0.5-1.0%