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◆ Granite Porphyry

Granite Porphyry belongs to the quartz porphyry or granite porphyry from the mineralogical viewpoint. It is a kind of porous ore consisting primarily of alkali feldspar and quartz. It has the capacity to discharge minerals, physisorption and chemisorption capacity and ion exchange capacity. It has a positive effect on living things since alpha rays exist in it.
■ Characteristic
Granite Porphyry discharges minerals essential to the human body (calcium, magnesium, etc.).
It has high capacity to absorb and decompose hazardous substances (ammonia, chlorine and heavy metal).
It enables adjustment of pH through a buffering action.
It has the effect of increasing the amount of oxygen dissolved in water.
It is a known fact that biotite monzonite porphyry has a positive effect on the health of fish if it is put into aquariums for ornamental fish or cultured fish.