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◆ Coral Sand

Our coral sand is dried and sterilized natural coral fossil. It is porous and very absorptive. There are two kinds of coral sand, that for ornamental fish aquariums and that for soil improvement, and they are divided according to this usage.
■ Characteristic
(for ornamental fish aquariums)
Granite Porphyry discharges minerals essential to the human body (calcium, magnesium, etc.).
It has high capacity to absorb and decompose hazardous substances (ammonia, chlorine and heavy metal).
It enables adjustment of pH through a buffering action.
It has the effect of increasing the amount of oxygen dissolved in water.

(for soil improvement)
Coral sand changes acidic soil to faintly alkaline/neutral soil, thereby creating the best soil environment to promote growth of lawn. It also restricts pathogenic bacteria.
Coral sand has a longer lasting neutralization effect than conventional fertilizers, and always keeps lawn in the best possible condition.
Coral sand contains plenty of minerals necessary for growing lawn.
Since coral sand is porous, it has excellent permeability, drainage capacity, and water retention capacity.
Coral sand is excellent for absorbing agricultural chemicals, such as bactericides, pesticides and herbicides.
You can use our coral sand irrespective of location, since bacteria are removed from the coral sand through burning and uniform grain size of coral sand is provided according to your request.