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Filter Media

Filter Media

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NIHON GENRYO was founded as a manufacturer of refining sand for use in glass production in 1939. In 1945, after World War II, we started manufacturing filter media for the purpose of reconstructing heavy-damaged water system in Japan, and it has been at the center of the nation’s water filtration development ever since. We have provided filter media with new construction water purification plants in Japan at the same time. Therefore, this is the reason why our product is used more than 80% of water purification plants in Japan now. In addition, we have been developing new filter media, such as removing Manganese, Iron, Color, Radioactive substances and so on. It can be possible for us to suggest the best filter media according to the water quality.


        About Sand Filtration

The rain fell on the earth. Then, it passes over the years and it appears again on the ground as the spring water through strata. After impurities are removed in strata, the water becomes clean and contains a lot of minerals of the ground. This sand filtration method, which is just Mother of Nature, has been done since time immemorial as the principal of filtration. It is notable that “sand filtration system” had been adapted by more than 90% of water purification plants in Japan.


        Features of Sand Filtration

Sand Filtration is the basic filtering system. The main feature of the system is that the performance as “layer” during filtration. However, the layer changes into a particle of sand when the backwashing process. Then, the sludge which accumulated on the filter media is removed, because of the strong backwashing water current. After the process of the backwashing, the filter becomes the layer again. The advantages of the sand filtration system are very simple maintenance works, low cost and high washing efficiency in comparison with other filtration systems.

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