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The reason why we have always pursued "outstanding technology" : Mission that only we could fulfill:
“To make a lot of people happy by eliminating water disparities all over the world”.

Product Information

New product information

New Product Information

NIHON GENRYO, as a "Manufacturing Company," is consistently conducting research and development in order to create new products that astonish the world.



The "SIPHON TANK," "Brand-New"Water Purification System that does not require "Filter Media" replacement, can be combined into a compact unit and carried to places where water treatment is required. We have many achievements such as downsizing of facilities and emergency water supply for disaster recovery.

Filter sand

Filter Sand

Filter sand which is essential for "granular filtration", is something NIHON GENRYO has been particular about ever since its founding. The history of NIHON GENRYO was started business with filter sand. We produce and provide high-quality filter media from carefully selected raw materials.

Filter Media

Filter Media

Water Treatment Equipment

Water Treatment System

Partners Products

Partners Products


Filter Rehabilitation Works

Filter Rehabilitation Works

The particle size of filter media in the filter basin enlarges with age. Washing recycle of the filter media and maintenance of the equipment shall be carried out regularly before it causes filtration failures.

Overseas Business

We launched the WATER PLANet PROJECT to create an environment for everyone on the earth to access safe and secure water. We are promoting global expansion in the drinking water and industrial water fields with our technological capabilities.


From the surveys of filter basins to the analysis of filter media for understanding the current conditions of filter media in use. In addition, we propose the construction of the optimal filtration system such as various filtration experiments.


NIHON GENRYO gives hope to the earth for all living things in the future.
As “a manufacturing company” that believes in infinite possibilities and creates the future, we continue to take on the challenge of creating new things.