How to Innovate the life of earth

Beyond Innovator

“We want to deliver life-giving water to people who cannot drink safe water.”
As a result of our pursuit of outstanding technology, it has led to clues that can solve global problems.
For the 2 billion people who do not have access to safe water, we are able to deliver “clean water” to any place.
Why not take a peek at how life on earth is changing?

-革新者- Innovatorのその先へ

What we can do to fulfill our mission

In order to build a future full of happiness, where everyone can enjoy the bounty of water, with our advanced technology and strong desire,
NIHON GENRYO is engaged in various activities.

CSR Activities and SDGs Initiatives

We would like to introduce the social contribution activities conducted by NIHON GENRYO such as environmental consideration, SDGs initiatives, and extra-curricular programs for elementary schools.

Research and Development

NIHON GENRYO has more than 80 years of experience as a manufacturing company. Not only filter media, which we have continued to manufacture since our establishment, but also special filter media, SIPHON washing technology, and all other products that we have developed, were made using Nihon Genryo’s unique technology. We will continue to refine our technology in order to remain as an unique technological company.


We launched the “WATER PLANet PROJECT” to solve water problems not only in Japan but also around the world. It's a project that we are working on with our technology and knowledge to enrich the lives of people throughout the world.


We want to continue being a company that can contribute to society
by fully demonstrating our characteristics as a “manufacturing company” in the water treatment field.
Let us introduce to you our commitment
to evolving our ideas into technology.

Since its founding in 1939, Nihon Genryo has been a leading manufacturer of filter media, supporting the Japanese water supply industry. Leveraging the technical capabilities we have continued to refine over many years, we have developed "SIPHON washing technology" that does not require filter replacement. We have provided our products not only to water purification plants across the country, but also to a wide range of private sectors, and have received numerous awards in recognition of our contributions to the cost and the environment.
The role that Nihon Genryo should play in the future is to deliver “safe drinking water” to people in the countries and the regions that cannot be solved by wide-area water distribution alone. As the first step, we developed a mobile water treatment system by miniaturizing a water treatment system that used to be a fixed type. With this mobility, we have accumulated achievements in supporting small-scale communities and disaster recovery in Japan and overseas, also contributing to the development of the entire water supply industry. We will continue to focus on this activity as the "Water Planet Project". Through the "manufacturing" spirit that we have cultivated, we want to deliver glistening, life-giving water to people living everywhere and for future generations. That is the unchanging wish of Nihon Genryo.

NIHON GENRYO Co., Ltd. President Yasuhiro Saito