Let us introduce the services of NIHON GENRYO.

These are the services provided by NIHON GENRYO in order to please people, such as "rehabilitation work" for recycling filter media, and overseas business, in order to eliminate water disparities.

Filter Rehabilitation Works

In order to protect mineral resources that will eventually be depleted, we proposed "Filter Rehabilitation Work" for water purification plants across Japan, which wash and recycle the used filter media that had been previously discarded. Today, this Filter Rehabilitation Work is a common maintenance method for water treatment plant filtration basins. We are leaving resources for future generations and realizing a world where we can enjoy sustainably safe and secure water.

Overseas Business

After the war, NIHON GENRYO acquired filter media-related knowledge from the occupation forces, GHQ. We have evolved uniquely in our country. To spread our knowledge and technology for delivering safe and secure water worldwide, we have expanded our business overseas since 2005. We are dedicating ourselves entirely to solving water problems around the world through the spread of water treatment technology, and disaster recovery activities, including Japan's unique Filter Rehabilitation Work.

Analysis / Tests

NIHON GENRYO Group has Japan's only research institute specialized in filter media, Japan Filter Sand Lab (NIHON ROKEN CO., LTD.) In addition to testing and analyzing the filter media in use, we also conduct water quality tests and various filtration experiments.
Specializing in granular filtration, we are conducting basic research and research and development of new filter media for the future.
Cooperative company: NIHON ROKEN CO., LTD.