Research and Development

NIHON GENRYO is "Manufacturing Company"

As a manufacturer, we have placed emphasis on (1) “foresight” for looking into the future, (2) “excellence” that no one can imitate, and (3) “innovation” for creating new values. We have contributed to society through the creation of completely new technologies and products.
The SIPHON Series, a number of products derived from the core technology of "SIPHON Washing Technology," has been developed from the unique manufacturing philosophy of NIHON GENRYO.
As a manufacturing company, we will continue to pursue research and development in order to eliminate water disparities around the world with our history and unique technologies that have been developed along with the water supply business. Please stay tuned for our technologies and products that are focused on granular filtration, which will astonish the world.


Research and evelopment 01

Research and Development on New Filter Media

We identify not only water problems but also issues from multiple perspectives, such as resource depletion, and conduct research and development on filter media that solve customer problems and sustainable filter media that do not rely on natural resources.
Using the filtration knowledge and technology we have cultivated since our founding, we are striving every day to receive comments from our customers, saying "This is the product I have wanted!"


Research and development 02

Research and Development of Water Treatment System

“SIPHON TANK” was developed and commercialized based on the accumulated knowledge of “Filter Rehabilitation Work”, which has a track record of being used at water purification plants all over Japan, and with the unique perspective of a filter media manufacturer that is familiar with filtration mechanisms. From this product, the road to the water treatment field started, and it has grown into our company's flagship product.
In the midst of a rapidly changing social environment, we use our sensitive antennas to catch any environmental changes and develop new technologies to solve the next set of challenges.