CSR Activities and SDGs Initiatives

Social Initiatives by NIHON GENRYO

Apart from Filter Media manufacturing and Filter Rehabilitation Work, we are also looking at environmental issues and education.
We want as many people as possible to learn about "water" and "filtration." And we strive to make people aware of our planet's precious natural resources.

Disaster Recovery Activities

We conduct disaster recovery activities in areas in which the water supply has been disrupted by disasters such as heavy rains and earthquakes.
The president himself takes the lead in the disaster-stricken area, saying, "You never know what will happen at the disaster site, and if I, who have the final decision-making authority, go to the site as soon as possible, I will be able to make on-the-spot decisions and provide water supply support in a short period of time." The happiness of the people after the resumption of the water supply is our motivation.

Extra-Curricular Program at Elementary Schools

I suppose some of you may have had the experience of visiting a water purification plant when you were in fourth grade of elementary school. But even looking at the filter basin from above, only a pool-like memory remains. We want the students to experience the filtration mechanism and the process by which dirty water is purified cleanly, passing through the sand layer. With this in mind, Nihon Genryo holds an extra-curricular program during summer vacation every year. We teach the importance of water by giving the students the opportunity to experience water purification through the same process as the water treatment facilities.

Contributing to the Reduction of Greenhouse Gases

The "Low CO₂ Kawasaki Brand" is given to products that contribute to the reduction of carbon dioxide promoted by Kawasaki City. Four products, “SIPHON TANK”, “Mobile SIPHON TANK”, “SIPHON K3 System”, and “0.6 Interceptor”, have been certified as products that contribute to CO₂ reduction throughout their life cycles. Preventing global warming and reducing greenhouse gases on a global scale is also our mission as a “manufacturing company.


Products Certified as "Low-CO₂ Kawasaki Brand

Certified as Low CO₂ Kawasaki Brand ’14


Certified as Low CO₂ Kawasaki Brand ’12


Certified as Low CO₂ Kawasaki Brand ’11

Siphon K3 System

Certified as Low CO₂ Kawasaki Brand ’10