Overseas Business

With its unique technological capabilities, which have been cultivated as a "manufacturing company,"
NIHON GENRYO is developing overseas business to deliver safe and secure water to all people living on the earth.
By spreading our “Cutting Edge Technology” worldwide,
we will contribute to solving the water-related issues confronting the earth, and deliver safe and secure water without leaving anyone behind.

International Contribution

NIHON GENRYO’s technologies are utilized in public water supply projects overseas.


Program Grant Aid for Environment and Climate Change
(Lao People's Democratic Republic)

For the “Program for improvement of capabilities to cope with natural disaster caused by climate change” by Japan’s environmental grant aid program of Official Development Assistance, we delivered six truck-mounted Mobile SIPHON TANKs to Laos People’s Democratic Republic. After delivery, we conducted trial runs and trained the local waterworks service staff on how to operate the device and make drinking water in Vientiane Capital for one week. The six Mobile SIPHON TANKs were distributed to six cities in Lao People's Democratic Republic.
For two years after delivery, we performed periodic inspection every six months, upon which we re-trained the local staff so that they can operate the device by themselves.

Non-Project Grant Aid
(Socialist Republic of Viet Nam)

For Japan’s non-project grant aid of Official Development Assistance, we delivered three Mobile SIPHON TANKs to Viet Nam Maritime University in Hai Phong, Socialist Republic of Viet Nam. The three Mobile SIPHON TANKs were installed on the main campus to retreat public tap water to be supplied as drinking water in the university. After installation, we trained the university staff on how to operate the device, shared knowhow for its sustainable use, and performed a test run with chemicals compounded. Installation started from August 19, and a lecture and a practical training for staff in charge of the equipment were held on August 28 and 29.

Water supply to areas not covered by waterworks
(Republic of the Philippines)

Using river water as the source, we supplied drinking water to areas not covered by waterworks in barangay of Bonbon in Cebu City.

Water treatment plant water intake equipment (Thailand)

In 1982, we delivered four fully automatic dust collector units to Bangkhen Water Treatment Plant in Thailand for removing foreign matters upon water intake and realizing safe water purification treatment. In 2005, we replaced the aging equipment.

Delivery of filter sand (Hong Kong)

In 1963, we delivered 1,153㎥ of filter sand to Sha Tin Water Treatment Plant in Hong Kong.

Disaster Recovery

Under WPP, NIHON GENRYO contributes to the resolution of global “water access inequality” by offering technologies to support emergency water supply during natural disasters which are occurring frequently due to global climate change.
NIHON GENRYO’s technologies supply the “water of life” after natural disasters induced by climate change.


Disaster Emergency Water Supply (Republic of the Philippines)

Emergency water supply

In 2013, at the request of the Government of Japan, we provided emergency water supply to Durban Tayan Town in northern Cebu Island, which was severely damaged by Typhoon Yolanda that hit the northern part of the Philippines.

Disaster Emergency Water Supply (Republic of the Philippines)

Natural Disaster

In 2015, the staff members of Metropolitan Cebu Water District (MCWD), the counterpart of the project, supplied drinking water with a vehicle-mounted Mobile SIPHON TANK in the Kambinokot district on the outskirts of Cebu City, where a record-breaking drought hit.

Disaster Emergency Water Supply (Republic of the Philippines)

Typhoon Disaster

In 2021, the vehicle-mounted Mobile SIPHON TANK we provided was dispatched to Barili on the west coast of Cebu Island, that was severely damaged by Typhoon Rai, and water supply activities were carried out by the staff members of the local waterworks bureau (MCWD).

Flood Emergency Water Supply (Lao People's Democratic Republic)

In 2013, the vehicle-mounted Mobile SIPHON TANK we provided was used in Oudomxay Province, which was affected by the flood disaster that occurred in northern Laos, and also in Salavan Province, which was also affected by the flood disaster that occurred in southern Laos. Moreover, drinking water was supplied by the staff members of the local waterworks bureau in Savannakhet Province during the flood disaster that occurred in 2020.

Feasibility Study

In order to solve global water issues, we are conducting research and verification work in various regions around the world.


Dissemination and Demonstration Project

Project on dissemination and demonstration of mobile filtration water purification device and filter basin rehabilitation system in Republic of the Philippines

We conducted a dissemination and demonstration project in Metropolitan Cebu Water District, Republic of the Philippines, for transferring the technologies of groundwater quality improvement and filter basin rehabilitation works.

Verification Survey

Project formulation survey for sustainable drinking water supply service with filtration device requiring no filter media replacement in Republic of Mozambique

For improving access to safe water using Non-Electric Source SIPHON TANK, we collected information on local water service organizations as well as the current situation of rural water supply and examined the feasibility of introducing the system in Niassa Province, Republic of Mozambique.

Collaboration with Governments

“Yokohama Waterworks Bureau JICA Partnership Program: JPP (Special Frame for Local Economic Development)”

As a member of Yokohama Water Business Association, we are participating in the overseas expansion of Yokohama City. In "Vietnam "Safe Water" Supply Project by Private Companies in Yokohama", we participated in the problem-solving team of Thua Thien Hue Water Supply Joint Stock Company (HueWACO) in the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam.

“Kawasaki Water Business Network Preparatory Survey for Public-Private Partnership Project in Bà Rịa-Vũng Tàu Province”

We participated in a survey of water supply issues in rural areas in Bà Rịa-Vũng Tàu Province, Socialist Republic of Vietnam, with which Kawasaki City has concluded a memorandum of understanding on industrial exchange. We investigated water treatment facilities in the province and the water supply situation on Con Dao Island and so on.

Bringing Cutting Edge Technology to the World

Our technologies, including the SIPHON TANK which requires no filter media replacement, have also been utilized at in-plant water treatment plants overseas.


Water Treatment (RO membrane pretreatment)


ST-2200 was adopted as a replacement facility to cope with the aging of the equipment and the increase in the amount of treated water due to the expansion of the facility.

Wastewater Treatment


ST-900 was adopted to meet stricter effluent standard regulations. After installation, the treated water improved from 83.2 degrees to 0.5 degrees in chromaticity, and from 46 degrees to 0.12 degrees in turbidity.

Circulating Water Treatment

eco-wasser GmbH

An external SIPHON WASHING SYSTEM (SWS) was adopted in the circulating water treatment process of the heated pool, which reduced the conventional frequency of backwashes from 2 times /week to 1 time /week, and the backwash time and the amount of backwash water by 55% (LV=53m/Hr).

Other Applications


Liquid crystal panel abrasive recovery
Filtration to recover expensive abrasives (washing water treatment process)
Utilizing the peeling effect from the filter media by rubbing

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