Company Policy


“Grain by grain, drop by drop, NIHON GENRYO gives the world hope for life in future.”

Through the "manufacturing" spirit that we have always cultivated, we want to deliver glistening,
life-giving water to people living everywhere and for future generations. This is the unchanging wish of NIHON GENRYO.




Yasuhiro SAITO

齋藤 安弘

Our country, Japan, is blessed with abundant fresh water resources and is one of the few countries in the world that can consistently supply clean water to every household. The water supply environment was established after 1945, and NIHON GENRYO has been working together with the water supply business in Japan as a specialized manufacturer of filter medium, and has been supporting its evolution fundamentally since the company’s founding.
We contribute to society through water infrastructure, and the basis for this is that “we are a manufacturing company.” We believe that the responsibility of a manufacturing company (manufacturer) is to create technologies that do not exist in the world, and to astonish the world by developing unique products. However, contributing to society by constantly creating new things cannot be accomplished by half-hearted efforts. Sometimes there are conflicts and setbacks, and sometimes it is accompanied by pain and suffering. Maintaining the status quo and being the same as others brings a sense of security, but on the other hand, it stops you from developing. We've been challenging ourselves to come up with unexpected ideas and give shape to them by repeatedly continuing “Scrap & Rebuild” and aggressively taking on challenges.
The origin of this new technology is our foresight and persistence in refining outstanding technologies. And we believe that’s exactly what "THE INNOVATOR'S SPIRIT" of NIHON GENRYO is. Since our founding, we have preserved our valuable assets, and actively accepted what we should adopt; this, however, is also only a transition to the next stage. We want to be a company that always imagines the world 10 or 20 years from now and continues to create new things.