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SIPHON Technology, It is unique.

SIPHON washing machine

SIPHON washing machine

We developed new washing technology

The idea of “Singing Sand mechanism” what we call “Kneading Action” that edges each sand particle on a beach developed our original washing system which can generate the kneading action by a screw. It can exfoliate adhesion sludge without any damage to the size of the sand particle.


How raw sand become dirty ?

  Daily maintenance, Backwashing, Surface washing and Air washing can’t remove attached object perfectly. Sludge is accumulated on the filter media, little by little, so “Attached Sludge” changes them to “Hard Sludge” which is hardened firmly.

Original sand wash technology


This washing method can clean dirty sand in a short time. Used dirty sand reborn like new media without changing the particle size and replacing filter media!

Principle of washing filter media

Our sand washing system, which creates twin vertical and horizontal vortices, causes sand particles to knead each other in a three-dimensional washing action. The vertical vortex is created in each sand particle by gravity and scooping up force. The horizontal vortex is created in each particle by centrifugal and returning force after hitting the side of inner cylinder. These twin vortices make sand particles to be kneaded and rubbed each other in the three-dimensional (3D) washing action.