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Nov. 2019

Dispatched "Emergency Water Supply Support Team" to Yamanashi City which was devastated by Typhoon No. 19 disaster

   Typhoon No. 19, which landed in Shizuoka Prefecture on October 12, caused extensive damage to the Kanto-Koshin regions, Shizuoka prefecture, Niigata prefecture, and Tohoku regions. In the Mitomi area of Yamanashi City, water pipes were damaged at a water intake facility, and water supply was no longer possible. We dispatched the disaster recovery support team “NIHON GENRYO Water Rescue” upon the request from the Yamanashi City Waterworks Division. After a field surveys and consultation, “Mobile SIPHON TANK -1800S” were installed as water purification facility in two locations, Serizawa area and Hirose area. We carried the equipment on October 22nd and started water supply on 30th at Serizawa area, and Hirose area started water supply on November 1, six days after the shipment of the equipment.

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Exhibited at Hakodate Waterworks Exhibition

   We exhibited at the Hakodate Waterworks Exhibition held in Hakodate City from November 6 to 8, 2019. We displayed a portable water purification device “Mobile SIPHON TANK (MST-450)”,various filter media and water collectors made from Leopold a Xylem brand. In addition, we introduced case studies of MST into small and medium-scale waterworks and disaster recovery. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who came to our booth.

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Exhibited at VIETWATER 2019

   We exhibited jointly with Yokohama Water Business Council at VIETWATER 2019, Vietnam's largest waterworks exhibition held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, from November 6 to 8, 2019. At the seminar, we introduced our products; various filter media, “SIPHON TANK”, and “Mobile SIPHON TANK” which tanks are water purification devices that do not require replacement of filter media. We proposed Japanese technology -utilized water supply system.

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The success of MST was reported in a newspaper in Cebu, Philippines

   On November 5, 2019, the water supply activity by our Truck Mounted Mobile SIPHON TANK was posted on the web NEWS "Sun Star" in the Philippines. In 2013, we collaborated with the Metro Cebu Waterworks District (MCWD) in Cebu City through JICA's project. We spread waterworks technology and improved water quality using portable water purification equipment “Mobile SIPHON TANK (MST)”. Since then, MST was effectively utilized by MCWD. On Oct. 11, MCWD received a request from Mayor of Cebu and carried out water supply activities in the Barangay Cambinocot area where is outside of their jurisdiction. Residents of Cambinocot were thankful to MCWD for the free pure water.

SUNSTAR【MCWD deployes Mobile Siphon Tanks】

Oct. 2019

Exhibited in Cambodia

   "3rd Cambodian Water Conference and Exhibition 2019" was held in Phnom Penh, the Kingdom of Cambodia, from October 30 to 31, 2019. We jointly exhibited with Kitakyushu Overseas Water Business Promotion Council. At the seminar, Mr. Ejima, Senior Managing Director of Overseas Division, gave a presentation on an optimum for small and medium-scale waterworks under the theme of "Model of New Water Supply" to Cambodia’s representative water supply business.

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Sep. 2019

Exhibited in WEFTEC2019

   We exhibited at "Water Environment Federation's Annual Techinical Exhabition and Conference (WEFTEC 2019)", one of the largest water and environmental exhibitions, held in Chicago, Illinoi from September 23 to 25, 2019. We display a demonstration machine of our SIPHON Washing System. We sincerely appreciate for visiting and the interest of many people.

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Aug. 2019

Exhibited in TICAD7

   NIHON GENRYO participated in Japan Africa Business EXPO, holding in Yokohama,August 28-30, 2019. This is the official side event of the Seventh Tokyo International Conference on African Development(TICAD7). We introduce our "Small & Medium Scale Waterworks System" and the records of disaster recovery to African nations' leaders. Thank you for visiting our booth. We appreciate all your interest.


Oct. 2014

Japanese government features NIHON GENRYO on the special website

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan features us on the government website, because of our notable disaster relief activity in The Philippines. This year marks sixty years of Japanese “Official Development Assistance” (ODA); therefore, Japanese government opened the special website for introducing the remarkable organizations, companies and events which are contributing to Japanese ODA. The website introduces our project in The Philippines last year which dispatched the emergency assistant team to supply safe drinking water to the serious disaster area by Typhoon, “Yolanda” by “MOBILE SIPHON TANK”.

Dec. 2013

Installed mobile sand filtration device in the disaster area by Typhoon Yolanda in the Republic of the Philippines. ~Dispatched the emergency assistant team for supplying drinking water, “NIHON GENRYO WATER RESCUE”~

NIHON GENRYO dispatched the emergency assistant team for supplying drinking water to the serious disaster area by Typhoon Yolanda in the Republic of the Philippines to install “Mobile Siphon Tank”, which is the mobile sand filtration device, through “Pilot Survey for Disseminating Small and Medium Enterprises Technologies”, collaborating with JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency). Our emergency assistant team installed and provided the high quality drinking water for just 3 days after we arrived at Daanbantayan, which is located in the north of Cebu Island in the Philippines, in December. 20th, 2013. Also, the filtered water was supplied by water trucks to deliver the “safe water” to the neighboring districts. The raw water got muddy, whose turbidity was from 20NTU to 30NTU, because the water source was used for bathing area for cows and washing area for the local people; however, our team realized 0.07NTU, which is the drinkable level, as the filtered water’s turbidity through “Mobile Siphon Tank”.

Oct. 2013

Implemented "Project Formulation Survey" Under the Governmental Commission on the Projects for ODA Overseas Economic Cooperation in FY2013. ~Investigation for supplying drinking water business in the Republic of Mozambique in Africa~

From the beginning October, 2013, NIHON GENRYO had implemented a project formulation survey for supplying sustainable drinking water business by the filter device, whose filter media is not necessary to be replaced. We had carried out the project for 2 months to explore the possibility of realization of the business in Mozambique using Non-Electric Source Siphon Tank.

Aug. 2013

Delivered 3 mobile water treatment units to Vietnam Maritime University in Haiphong, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam for “Non-project Grant Aid” by Japan’s Grand Aid Program of ODA.

NIHON GENRYO delivered 3 mobile water treatment units, whose filter media is not necessary to be replaced, to Vietnam Maritime University which is located in the north of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in August, 2013. The units, which were installed on the campus of the university, consist of a filtration device, raw water tank (Capacity:5m3), treated water tank (Capacity:8m3), feed pump and back-washing pump. The public water supply in the university is used as raw water of the device to supply with satisfying the water criteria in Vietnam.

Jan. 2013

Delivered 6 truck mounted water treatment units to Lao People’s Democratic Republic for “The program for the improvement of capabilities to cope with Natural Disaster Caused by Climate Change” by Japan’s Grand Aid Program of ODA.

NIHON GENRYO delivered 6 units of truck mounted water treatment unit, whose filter media is not necessary to be replaced, to Lao People’s Democratic Republic for “The program for the improvement of capabilities to cope with Natural Disaster Caused by Climate Change” by Japan’s Grand Aid program of ODA. We made a trial run and hold a training to the local engineers in Vientiane, LAOS in January, 2013. This is the truck mounted water treatment unit, using river and creek water as raw water. The purification capacity is 3m3 per hour, also the unit equips a filtration device with the self-washing filter media function, compact piping system, chemical injection pumps and control board. The truck has gull wings which can open the both side of the container. It is designed the unit for an emergency and disaster areas by truck; therefore, providing drinking water is possible in the early stage of these circumstances.

Apr. 2009

New product: “Siphon Washing System (SWS)”

Team Water Japan
Joined "Team water rescue - On-site type mobile filter system for disaster-"

Dec. 2008

Exhibited to THE BIG 5.