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SIPHON washing machine

We are consistently improving our foresight and developing outstanding technologies as a manufacturer, analyzing ourselves to create new values and criteria of judgment beyond conventional frameworks in the spirit of “Scrap & Rebuild,” and thereby continue to be not the “No. 1 company” but the “unique company” through active innovation.

Amid calls for solutions to environmental problems on a global basis, persistent technical innovation is also required in the water supply industry. To supply safe, good quality “water” and conserve the environment, we will make efforts to support environmental conservation with courage and energy to challenge new problems, irrespective of water supply, reclaimed wastewater reuse and sewerage systems without being caught up in established ideas.

We believe that the driving forces for creating a new market are an attitude of looking to the future as a pioneer and frontier company, a company climate that nurtures the capacity to formulate ideas which is suitable for a unique company, and a “spirit of manufacturing” that means not sparing research and development efforts through insatiable self-reform.

With a strong corporate philosophy, “Nihon Genryo gives hope to the earth for all living things in the 21st century,” we make a promise to continue to meet further challenges in order to pass on this “beautiful water” to all living things on the earth in the future.