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◆ Anthracite

Anthracite is smokeless coal crushed into granules. We use HONGAI coal which produced in northern Vietnam for our products. Anthracite is lighter than filter sand and its porosity is higher than that of filter sand. Therefore, it is used for the upper layer of dual filtration and multilayer filtration to increase the filtration capacity. It can also be used for single layer filtration.
* We provide anthracite of varying particle size.
■ Characteristic
We can use anthracite in the upper layer of a multi-layer to improve treated water quality and extend the duration of filtration dramatically in comparison with the single layer filtration.
Since anthracite captures a large amount of suspended substances, it can be used for single filtration for the purpose of  rough filtration for high turbidity water.
Anthracite is appropriate for to be used as filter media when dissolution of silica is not desired.
Anthracite can be used for wide-ranging purposes, such as for industrial water, sewage water, drinking water and circulation water for bathhouses and pools.