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◆ Manganese Sand

Sand will naturally become manganese sand and come to have the capacity to remove manganese as it filters water containing manganese to which chlorine is added. However, it might take a few months to a few years for sand to become manganese sand depending on the concentration of manganese. Our manganese sand is produced by repeatedly treating carefully selected filter sand with manganese chloride and potassium permanganate and then stabilizing the sand by artificially attaching a coat that causes contact oxidation (MnO2・H2O) to the surface of the sand. The produced sand exerts an excellent demanganization effect at the initial stage of passage of water under the condition where chlorine exists.
■ Characteristic
If manganese is contained in raw water, anthracite has the demanganization effect.
If the required concentration of free chlorine is detected in raw water, MnO2 H2O (manganese dioxide hydrate) is regenerated through oxidization of manganese in raw water and it coats the surface of manganese sand. Then, it becomes the same as manganese sand. Therefore, the contact oxidation capacity (demanganization capacity) of manganese sand is maintained.
The amount of manganese in our product is contained with 0.3mg/g or more.
Manganese sand can be used for demanganiation with a high-speed filtration system.