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◆ Chlorine Cutter Fe

▶ This media use dissolved oxygen as an oxidant and the catalyst action
  which the filter media has.
▶ No hypochlrous acid, bromic acid and THM produced.
▶ Removal of iron and manganese without chlorine is possible if used
  together with“Chlorine Cutter Mn”.
■ Feature
1) Oxidation of Metal uses the oxygen in the air.
2) Chloric acid, bromic acid, torihalomethane and so on are not created since the chlorine is not used.
3) There is no cost for the running of chemical.
■ Property
 Appearance  Principal ingredient  Effective Size  True density  Bulk density
Yellowish brown Iron hydroxide 0.65-0.72mm 1.80-2.15kg/L 0.55-0.80kg/L