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SIPHON washing machine


FIT On and Wash AWAY!

Do you face the problem like unstable of treated water quality or tiresome replacement of filter media? That is all caused filter media itself. We came up with an idea through our various knowledge, experiences and achievements and finally produced exterior tank filter device, SIPHON WASHING SYSTE (SWS) which can promote your existing filter tank just put it on the outside.

SWS for any types of filter tank

1) Put SWS on any tanks
   Just set SWS on the existing tanks, can be added strongly enough washing function on it. Of course, it applies to any downstream filter tanks.
 2) Compact Design
  Considering any situations, we succeeded to design for compact size including control device on it so that can fit any small spaces.
 3)  No need to change tanks’ programs
   Since SWS operates during the backwashing process, no need to set special system in the conventional operation process program.
 4)  Apply to multi-layer like filter sand and Anthracite
SWS applies to clean up not only the filter sand but also Anthracite and can set both mono-layer and multi-layer tanks.

Succeeded in Germany and next Japan and the world

 We produced SWS here in Japan and brought in Germany first to experiment its capacity with our exclusive distributor in Germany. They did demonstration test on actual filter tank.
Since this test is succeeded, we have started promoting and selling it from April, 1st, 2009 in Japan and the entire world as well.

 Also, we did the same test at the water purification plant in Japan to reconfirm the SWS washing capacity such as effects of SWS, fixation sludge round the media were removed comparable to the new sand.

SIPHON Washing System

■ High Cleaning Effect
Backwashing and air-washing can only prevent clogging. However, even stubborn sludge can be removed by kneading action among filter media particles. Therefore, filter media can be clean up to the under 30 degrees of washing turbidity comparable to the new sand.

■ Fillter media cannot be crushed using by Kneading action method.
Due to filter media washing each other by kneading action, filter media will not be crushed although the sludge attached tightly to the surface of the sand is removed. Therefore, filter media can be always kept clean.

■ The outflow of exfoliated sludge can be avoided or significantly reduced.
Through the high cleaning effect, the outflow of exfoliated sludge into treated water can be avoided or reduced, and can maintain stable water level continuously.

■ Preventing the filter media from outflow significantly.
Filter media run off during the backwashing process. That occurs regardless of particle sizes. SWS can significantly reduce the outflow by keeping filter media in the same condition as new filter media.

SWS Flow Chart

①Filteration ②Backwashing/ SIPHON
③SWS washing ④Backwashing
 Filtration process proceeds as conventional way. At that time, Valve is closed in order to avoid flowing untreated water into SWS device.  a) Backwashing process starts as conventional filter device.
b) At the same time, valve connected to SWS opens and slurry comes into SWS.
c) Siphon washing starts by siphon motor rotation.
 a) SIPHON WASHING SYSTEM finishes first.
b) Remaining slurry flows back into the tank.
c) Exfoliated sludge flows out the tank by backwashing.
 After all the backwashing process finished, upper valve closes and returns to normal filtration process.
*Apply to multi-layer, sand media and Anthracite.

In the filtration process, it’s proceeding water filtration same as conventional way.
Adding SIPHON WASHING SYSTEM to conventional backwashing process can provide high quality and effective washing actions and keep media clean.

 Types  Heights(mm)  Width(mm)  Weight(kg)  Capacity(L-sand/min)  Motor(kW)
 SWS  2200  400  260  150  2.2


◆Public sector

 UENO ZOO in TOKYO Metropolitan

 SWS X 6units
 Pool water treatment for animal



 SWS X 3units
 Pool water treatment for animal

◆Private sector

 Brewery Company

 SWS X 8units
 Process water treatment for beer



 SWS X 2units
 Calcium contained water treatment



 SWS X 4units
 Pretreatment for process water



 Experimental test on swimming pool