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SIPHON washing machine

SIPHON K3 System

Highly Efficient Washing System for Filter Basin

SIPHON washing machine

Filter media at Water Purification Plant in Japan are replaced or washed for reuse every few years. But these work need enormous expenses and make filter basin operate stop. We offer a proposal of new maintenance system for filter basin. SIPHON K3 System keeps filter media clean, and supplies safe water and helps to reduce maintenance cost and Green House gas.

◆Filter media flows through filter basin
◆Confirmed washing capacity with washing muddy degree test
 and solubility in HCl  test according to JWWA
◆Filter media are not crushed: Kept Effective Size (E.S.) and
 Uniformity Coefficient (U.C.)


1) By SIPHON WASHING, filter sand can always be kept in the best possible condition.
 2) Since filter media is kept clean, the cycle of rehabilitation work recommended by maintenance guidelines (Japan), i.e. “eight (8) to ten (10) year term,” can be extended up to about twice as long, leading to reduction of maintenance costs.
 3) Since suspended substances are removed, normal backwashing can be realized and the generation of mud balls can be prevented
 4) Since filter media can always be kept clean, the high treatment capacity, including filtration rate and filter run time, can be maintained.
 5) Consistent water quality can be achieved.
 6) SIPHON K3 System can be installed in the filter basin while it is in operation.

Flow of filtration

SIPHON washing machineSIPHON washing machine

SIPHON K3 System is water current helps filter media move into washing machine, filter media is cyclone washed along interior space, wastewater is drained by over-flow and filter media get slurry suitable for SIPHON WASHING. Filter media accumulated at the bottom is washed by SIPHON WASHING with screw, and return to filter basin again from outlet.