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SIPHON washing machine

Non-Electric Source SIPHON TANK

Compact Filtration Device with Non-Electric Source for Emergency

■ Water supply for Emergency

Non-Electric SIPHON TANK can be used as a backup unit in emergencies during a power failure and when the water purification facilities are affected and the operation is stopped.

■ Water supply for Disaster

It can operate without the use of electric power. This equipment will enable to access to safe water even in area where power is not supplied by disasters.

■ Water supply for Drinking water all over the world

This device is developed for non-electric supply area in the world. Of course, SIPHON WASHING function is built in it so that it is realize no replacement of filter media and easy operation.

Non-Electric source SIPHON TANK standard specification

 Types  Capacity (L/hr)  Tank diameter (mm)  Weight (kg)
 S  300  Φ200  130
 M  480  Φ250  160
 L  960  Φ350  280

SIPHON WASHING function is built in.
 Easy to operate.    

Formulation Survey on Sustainable Water Supply

We conducted the formulation survey on exploring the possibility of sustainable drinking water supply in NIASSA City of northern part of MOZAMBIQUE from 6th October to 3rd December,2013. We conducted hearing investigation in three (3) provinces and pilot demonstration in four (4) places by our Non-Electric source SIPHON TANK.

The results of our performances by Non-Electric source SIPHON TANK

 Water sources  Lake Water  River Water  Spring Water  Shallow Well Water
 Turbidity Raw Water  10.9NTU  11.0NTU  7.25NTU  297NTU
 Turbidity Treated Water  0.58NTU  0.91NTU  0.80NTU  0.43NTU